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Welcome to our website! Sundae School Selfie Studio is located in Danville, Virginia. We are a new Selfie  Photography Studio that has over fifteen themed sets designed for ALL ages. All you need is a cellphone and a smile to be on your way to a fun filled and memorable experience.
Why the name Sundae School you ask?

Here’s our “Why”?

Sunday is the day of the week that is associated with rest, relaxation, rejuvenation. We love that “Easy like Sunday Morning” feeling.

Ice Cream Sundaes make people smile. We want to make people smile too!

Toddlers, senior citizens and everyone in between are ever learning. Our photo set themes are designed to encourage current students and inspire post graduates of any age to embrace lifelong learning.

No appointment needed. Walk-ins Welcomed.

Book appointments for private studio sessions, small gatherings and celebrations.

If you are a content creator or just someone who loves posting on social media for fun, this is the place for you!

Let your friends and family know that there is a new place to expand your creativity and and make some memories.

We are conveniently located just steps away from the Danville Mall, many delicious dining options, several health, wellness and beauty salons.
Change into that new outfit, drip, swag or whatever you refer to your style as
and fit right into the photo sets at Sundae School Selfie Studio. 
If you’re feeling good and looking good. Smile and take a picture!
If you need to smile because maybe you haven’t in a while, come for a visit.  The Sundae School Selfie Studio experience is a great place to reconnect with yourself. 

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